These are common types
of recessed lights that
are used in new
construction and
renovations: eyeball,
baffle,  open trim, and

Does an excellent job
minimizing glare and
reducing brightness.  This
trim is most often used
for general down lighting.
Recessed Lighting
Eye-ball type to  cast light
Glass lens type for wet locations
like in showers or over tubs.
Open Trim

Simple and most
economical choice for
recessed down light, this
trim creates and
attractive finished look.

This trim provides the
ability to control the
direction of light. The
eye-ball trim is most
often used for wall wash
applications and task
Baffles are often used for
general down lighting.
Open trim is a simple and most
economical choice
Glass Lens

Glass types are used in
damp locations such as in
showers, above sinks,
above tubs, and outdoors.