These night-lights are perfect for hallways, bedrooms,
and stairwells. The L.E.D. 's used in the night-lights are
good for 40 years! The L.E.D. night-light comes on
automatically when it gets dark.

Add motion sensor switches to any light. You can use them
to turn on carport or garage lights when you drive up.
Selector switch allows you to choose from always-on,
always-off, or motion sense.

We use Lutron lighting control dimmers and smart
dimmer. If you simply want to dim your light,
control your fan speed, or control your lights from
remote control, we have the right Lutron controls
for you.

Whether you're looking for ideas
for a specific room, or interested
in controlling all of your lights with
a whole-home system, give yourself
the unlimited freedom to change
the light that surrounds you. Lutron
Spacer and Maestro whole home
lighting controls.
Exhaust fan with heater,
light, and night-light

Streamline design with
handsome white grille.
Grille is tough polymeric,
impervious to bathroom

Perfect for any bathroom
with 100W light and
convenient 7W night light.