New Construction

Contact Quality Electrical
Installations for a free
estimate on your new
construction home.  Your
electrical wiring will be
completely customizable.
Prices vary on the type of
job you would prefer.

Our wiring techniques are neat and
orderly.  Wiring is kept in raceways
making 90 degree turns, no spider webs
or going over other things in attic (such
as air condition ducts).

All junction boxes in attic are labeled for
easy recognition for troubleshooting and
add ons.  Labels in breaker panel coincide
with labels on junction boxes.

Breaker panels are also neat and
orderly.  All circuits are labeled for
easy recognition.

All new construction homes
FREE doorbell
installation. We can also
install outlets in soffit for
a neat and easy way to hook
up your Christmas lights.
Every new construction
home that we wire also
receives a
temporary pole rental.
After wiring your home
and installing outlets and
switches we install all
lighting fixtures and fans.
We also install your
appliances with plugs and
receptacles ( no hard
wiring ).